Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I loved Karen Russell's post on her Easter photos and how she was not very pleased with them- her list of reasons it can be hard to get a good shot is just great (and I'd like to add to it that sometimes your subject and their Easter basket are on the other side of the table from you, and it's just impossible to get them both in the same shot).

I did have a wonderful Easter at Mom and Dad's. We drove up after church to visit with them and Beth, and Dad grilled steaks. Yumm!!!

I did get a few photos to post, like this one of the "basket" that I made for Mom and Dad, complete with pajama pants for Mom and a new lens case for Dad.

And this one of the basket they gave me. This basket is actually one I used when I was little, and the plastic eggs are from that era, as well. :)

Mom made the cutest pile of stuffed bunnies on the couch.

And of course Dad and I had to get outside to shoot some photos.

The inside shots were taken with my 35mm f/2. I love that lens, though I wish Nikon would make it in a 1.4 or 1.8 (non-DX). The outside photos were taken with my 105mm f/2.8 macro.

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mamasan said...

I have the comfy red pj's on tonight, they're wonderful!

Love these photos, the red dogwood blossom is so special, the dandy one, also.

It was a very sweet Easter. :-)

Great new border you've added!