Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Spring-iferous Photos

I seriously ::heart:: my macro lenses. I have two that I've bought used on eBay (AF-S, but non-VR because who needs VR on a macro, anyway?) really cheap, and they're my favorite lenses- especially the 60mm f/2.8- it's the lens that's on my camera most often (at least, until the 35mm f/2 that I ordered over the weekend gets here).

Wow, that was an extraordinarily long sentence!

Anyway, these are some shots that I got in the backyard yesterday when I took a break from painting the dining room. I just love the little bug face. :)

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mamasan said...

Oh, so much loveliness! I adore springtime and you're capturing it so wonderfully! I love the Bradford with the gorgeous blue sky, and the last photo, the bee looks like he's rubbing his hands together and saying 'yum'! That picture made me smile...good stuff all. :-)

Spring comes earlier at your house...I can't wait for the lovely photos ops to start here!!

We’ve got Dafs and Bradford blossoms but that's about all right now.

Thanks for sharing. :-)