Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Birthday Sushi

For my birthday today, I got to have lunch at Edo, this awesome Japanese restaurant in Madison. I love the chance to totally nom (how did that word become part of my regular vocabulary?) on some good sushi.

I think half the fun is in the presentation- it's all just so perfectly laid out in neat little OCD-friendly rows of California roll, Ebi-tem (shrimp tempura roll), smoked salmon and crab nigiri.

And my birthday present from Darren? This awesome new toy- a 120GB iPod Classic (so I can have all my Star Wars audio books on the drive at the same time). I was sort of thinking I might want one when they were released last summer, and I finally got one!
I'm sitting on the couch typing this out while plugged into it, listening to my latest musical obsession- "Gotta Be Somebody" by Nickelback. I'm as stuck on this song as I was on Lifehouse's "First Time" last year.

I arrived home to find a box from Amazon on the porch- not an uncommon ocurrence here, except that I wasn't expecting anything today. Turns out that Mom and Dad had my gifts shipped straight to the house!!

I can't wait to dig into these books and learn all kinds of new photographic goodness. And they gave me an extra battery for the D300- should come in handy since I'm always running mine down!

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mamasan said...

Thanks for sharing your birthday. :-)

I've never experienced Sushi but, as you said, it is presented in a very artful and disciplined way.

Your iPod will hold so many books!