Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gamer Girl Gear: Organization

My inner gamer girl was in dire need of an organizational fix for all the Wii paraphernalia I've collected in the year and a half since I bought my console. I've become a Guitar Hero addict (thanks to an awesome birthday gift from Mom and Dad) and also am now quite a fan of Rock Band (that bit is for my inner drummer girl).

So what does one do to corral two guitars, a microphone, drumsticks, Wii remotes, nunchuks, classic controllers, plus an array of remotes for everything from the projector to the Blu-Ray?

The answer was found at Home Depot in the form of a five gallon bucket and a tool organizer made specifically to fit inside it. The organizer has a lot of little pockets around the outside that are perfect for holding Wii (and any other) remotes, and the interior boasts a few smaller pockets that fit the drumsticks and microphone. The guitars themselves fit nicely into the remaining open interior. And the price tag? Under $15 (Wii gear not included).

The color scheme is not the most eye-pleasing with the bright orange bucket and dark blue tool organizer, but that's not a huge deal since the whole package is stored behind a large chair in my living room

Now, if only one of those pockets were big enough to store the Rock Band drum set...I've resigned myself to that being living room decor for the time being.

I apologize for the poor lighting/shadows in the photos- my house does not have the best interior lighting, so I had to use a flash. :(


ElleSquared said...

This looks great! Looks like a fantastic way to keep things organized rather than them getting left all over the place and possibly lost. You should market them, LOL!

mamasan said...

Inspired! I might copy that several times over for around the house!

Sharis said...

Completely awesome

Sharis said...