Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blood Oath cover art released, actual contents delayed until December

I think it would be absolutely fascinating to work in publishing, just for a little while, so I could learn how these things work. Blood Oath was supposed to be released in April, but was pushed back to December a few weeks ago. Today the cover art for said book was released, but we still haven't seen the cover art for Outcast, which is due out in March (a week after my birthday...). How does that happen!?!?!?

However it happens, I like the cover. :) And it's going to be a torturous wait for this book!!

In other news, it's been all about servers around the house lately. My old file server was quirky, to say the least, and after it managed to kill my photo drive containing about 8 years of digital pictures (thank goodness for Carbonite), I'd had enough of it and its old IDE hard drives. A quick trip to Best Buy yielded a new server and related storage goodies (and lest you should have visions of rooms of rack mounted server equipment in my house, for me a file server = a cheap PC + 2 really honkin' huge hard drives). I'm in the middle of setting it all up as I type- an iMac on one side of my desk and a Vista PC on the other. I just know that Steve Jobs is going to revoke my Apple privileges for this outrage.

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