Friday, December 19, 2008

Star Wars- A Merry Sithmas

It's Christmas, and geekdoms everywhere are celebrating in their own ways. My particular geekdom of Star Wars have been especially busy this year. :)

Club Jade has a set of posts in which "Santa Maul" recommends various gifts fit for fanboys (and fanchicks) everywhere. I'm especially digging the Star Wars themed sports uniforms, specifically the Vader hockey jersey.

Speaking of gifts, how about this Millennium Falcon sled? It'll make the run down the hill in under 12 parsecs!

Star Wars Nativity by Larry Lars (the Official Star Wars blog has interviewed the creator). This makes me want to drive to my parents' house right now and dig all my brother's old Legos out of the closet.

For those who are in the mood to be crafty this Christmas, the Official Star Wars Blog has posted instructions for making your very own Star Wars advent calendar.

Or take a cue from YouBentMyWookie and make your very own gingerbread Star Destroyer (I will not be trying this, as I am woefully inept at making gingerbread structures).

And, finally, let's check in with some of our favorite characters and see how they're celebrating the season...

Hmmm, perhaps you'd like to spend the holiday with the Fetts?

Chewbacca is getting into the spirit by singing a festive carol, and everyone's favorite Sith Lord must have been a good boy this year, because even Darth Vader is getting his Christmas wish.

I promise, normal Christmas programming will resume tomorrow- I just had to be weird for a while. :-)


mamasan said...

Oh, how funny-- Where did you find all the links? Vadar in the snow. lol

I love the jersey, buy 2! :-)

Pack up your cookies and ham and sweet taters and gifts and come on down. I'll help you dig out the Legos!

Tabby Kitten said...

Wow I didn't know they still made Star Wars x-mas things anymore