Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A little astrophotography

I've never seriously been into astronomy, but the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter appearing in close proximity to the moon was something that even a rank amateur like me couldn't miss. The most spectacular display was on December 1, but the sky was too cloudy to be able to see it. The show on December 2, though, was still pretty good.

I managed to get a couple of marginal photos that I'm okay with...

But my Dad's is really the best- I've got it as my desktop on my work computer now. The copy below has been rendered by Picasa for web viewing and has some residual artifacting from that process. The original is stunningly sharp and clear.

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homebase322 said...

Good shots from you as well. I don't mind that you use the photo. I'm glad tht you like it and am honored that you have iot on your destop.

Experiment with dodging sometime. It was a down and dirty way that I did it but it turned out pretty neat anyway.