Thursday, December 11, 2008

How to celebrate surviving the year at work...

There is a simple recipe for celebrating surviving a year in which you worked on 2 (technically 3) projects, made 14 trips to Colorado, and generally almost killed yourself working so much.

The ingredients are: 2 very cool rifles, a few assorted handguns, lots and lots and lots of ammo, and a very nice shooting range. Oh, and throw in a couple of coworkers (that you trust around you with loaded guns) for good measure.

This is exactly what I did before flying back home from my last trip of the year. Aaron and I went with Chris to his (very posh) gun club to use their shooting range for an hour. During that time, I put about 20 rounds through an AR-15, ~100 rounds through a PS-90 (I seriously, seriously want one of these), and various rounds through 40 and 22 caliber handguns.

I'm telling you, it's a wonderful way to destress.

Oh, and thanks, Chris, for letting me blow through so much of your ammo. :-)

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