Sunday, December 7, 2008

Colorado Snowboarding


That's the number of trips I've made to Colorado this year. Not to mention the fact that I lived out there for 5 months last year.


That's the number of times I've gone skiing or snowboarding while out there, and it's almost criminal since I was only about 3 hours away from good skiing last winter. So this winter I decided to correct this grievance and fly out for my last meeting of the year a few days early, stay in a cheap little motel, and hit the slopes.

But first, a few shots from the flight out there, because as you get closer and closer to the airport, the terrain gets more and more spectacular. On a clear winter day, this is what you see as you approach- more and more snow, and then a dry river bed, and then those gorgeous mountains.

And here's what it looks like to drive through those mountains (taken at around 9,000 feet) to Winter Park.

And here's what I look like trying to snowboard for the first time without taking lessons, because I arrived too late to get into the beginners' class. I spent a great deal of time on the beginner slopes with my rear end either in the snow or straight up in the air (for balance, of course).

But eventually I got the hang of it, after figuring out that I ride goofy (left foot back). It really didn't surprise me to learn that since I ice skate left-footed, as well. I then graduated to the slope where you hold the tow rope to pull you up.

And after a few runs down it, I was completely wiped out for the day.

The entire ski village is actually a gondola ride up from the rest of the resort, so I snapped a few photos on the way down. The little red cars on the cable are the other gondolas.

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mamasan said...

It's lovely to have the opportunity to share in, through this blog, some of your experiences. This is so well done, it almost feels as if I'd watched you there. I am very pleased that you took the time to experience this gift that Colorado offers. :-)