Friday, December 5, 2008

And I thought *I* was adventurous!

But my little brother has definitely outdone me now! He's currently in Iraq- Baghdad, the Green Zone, to be exact. He's a computer specialist (he'll have to let me know what his actual title is!) with the Army Corps of Engineers, and he volunteered for a 6 month civilian deployment. They shipped him off to DC/Virginia for some training first, and he sent me a few photos from there that I thought I'd post here.

They picked him up in a limo at the airport, and then shuttled him off for training (basic first aid, heat stress, etc) and then issued him a LOAD of gear. It's kinda cool to see my brother's name on desert camo. :)

From DC he goes to Kuwait, and then from Kuwait to Iraq. There is a stopover at Camp Victory in there somewhere, as well. :)

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mamasan said...

You are adventurous aplenty!

I wish you both litters of adventurous children just like yourselves. :-)

Great post and pictures. It's no small thing to volunteer for something like this, and then go and handle things with such maturity and strength. And the army duds are cool. :-)