Saturday, October 4, 2008

Scrappy Saturday

I realized after I typed in that title that it might be a little misleading, because I did not do all of these pages today, just the last three- the others were done earlier this week. The last two I'm not so thrilled about, but I think that the photos stand out enough to make up for it. And that's not any credit to my photography skills, but to the gorgeous view that I had to take photos of.

All ten (yes, I know, that's an insane number of pages for one 28 mile stretch of road) of these pages are of my drive up Pike's Peak Highway last August. I started to scrapbook these photos with this page about two weeks ago, and decided to finish them this week.

I'll be glad when I get my own photo printer- it'll be easier to do smaller/cropped/sized photos so I can do, like, maybe 4 pages for something like this instead of 11.

On Thursday I started following along with Ali Edwards as she takes her blog readers through a Week in the Life project. The idea is to photograph and write down everything you do for a week, then create an album about it. Pretty cool, and I intended to start last Saturday but forgot to take photos Sunday-Wednesday. Duh. So I started on Thursday, which turned out to be a good thing because I'm flying to Colorado on Monday and returning Wednesday evening, just as I'm finishing my week of documentation. I'll get to include photos from that trip, which makes me happy.

One of the things we're supposed to do for the project is to take at least one photo of ourselves each day. Luckily, my camera's timer is super easy to use and I was able to get this shot of me reading on the bed while Griffin napped stretched out next to me. This is real life...see my dirty socks?!!?

And, yeah, that's a Star Wars book. :)

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gardenmamasan said...

Your Colorado pages make me wistful to see for myself... the photo of the one rock draping over the other, that is so awesome...
the little travel tag is a great touch...lovely pages--all.

I love the photo of you, the bed is so bright and cheerful and Griffin looks enormous. It's been far too long since I've seen that kitty...

The ‘Week in the Life' sounds interesting… I might have to do that sometime.

And your printer is here when you're ready. :-)