Monday, October 6, 2008

A little fun with politics

I thought I'd take a few minutes during this busy (insane) election season to share two of my favorite funnies from elections past (actually, these are both from the 2000 Bush/Gore contest).

First up is my favorite political commercial EVER...and it's from Snickers of all brands! It still makes me giggle, and it's 8 years old. :)

Then there's this little gem, since that election also took place between the release of Episodes I and II of the Star Wars prequel (you knew I'd have to throw Star Wars in somewhere, didn't you?). I'd just like to note that I like Senator Lieberman, so this is not intended as a jab at him. But the resemblance is, well, uncanny...

And this last one has nothing to do with politics, but it and the Lieberman/Palpatine thing have been hanging on my cube wall for years now. We'll file this in the category of who not to vote for.


gardenmamasan said...

That is my all-time favorite political commercial, also. It is just too good! I never tire of it.
I wish they would make a new one for this election. They could do a really good Biden/Palin one...really good!

Uncanny--does that mean it won't fit in a can? Or is it now out of the can when it used to be in a can? I've never been clear on this at, are you rolling your eyes, or are you just laughing at me??

Welcome home!!

Oh, Aunt Frances got her card...she was so very touched...and she said "I think she made it for me, it is beautiful!"

Jon Stinson said...

That's my favorite commercial too, it's just funny.

Love how you fit Darth Maul in "Because I would look stupid if one of my horns broke off..."