Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad!

It's Wednesday, and I'm finally getting time to post about this past weekend!

I took Friday off work and drove up to Mom and Dad's house. They gave me one of these that they are no longer using! It prints wide format- 13"x17", or possibly longer if you use paper on a roll. Totally archival photo printing- I'm so excited that I have this now! (Thanks again, guys!)

I spent pretty much all day Friday printing from my backlog of photos. And Mom really saved the day, too- I had bought ink cartridges for it, but forgot the black one at home. Somehow, there was one from at least two or three years ago that was laying on her desk still...and it worked!

Saturday was busy, busy, busy! We cooked, cleaned, and decorated for most of the day, with lots of help.

Dad was the bonfire committee, and also the "hey, you gotta come see this and bring your camera" committee. Thank goodness for that, or I wouldn't have been able to get this shot!

Aren't my parents cute?

My cousin Michelle came over and helped out- she was the decorating committe. :)

These people were the non-committee (just teasing- they all helped out a lot). In case you're all wondering, they're staring at a plasma television where we were playing Planet Earth. In Blu-Ray.

My brother was the grilling committe. And also later in the evening was the head of the drooling cat committee. Seriously, Merlin (his cat) will drool like no cat I've ever seen before.

I was the cake baking and decorating committee.

We gave Dad his gift before everyone else arrived- a Blu-Ray player to use with the plasma. That's what everyone was staring at in the earlier photo.

It was also my Grandmother's birthday, too. I'm thinking this may be the first time she's ever been featured on a blog. :)

We spent a lot of time around the bonfire, with my cousin Jake being a little pyro. And with people spontaneously falling out of chairs for no particular reason (okay, there was a reason- the ground was kinda soft and the chair legs would sink).

And then we all ended up staring at the plasma/blu-ray/Planet Earth combination again, this time adding our own silly narrations to it.

The next morning was much calmer. I had to go to the Verizon store with my brother to take care of some account stuff, but then when I got back, Dad and I went out on the greenway and took bunches of pictures of the fall leaves.

Ummm, and did I mention that Mom and Dad gave me one of these? :-P


mamasan said...

It was a fun weekend! Thanks so much for all of your help. I just could not have kept going without you!! Can you believe it took three more dishwasher loads after you went home? Big pots, etc...I finally got the cake pans washed up too.

I hope your new toy is happy in its new home!

homebase322 said...

Hey girl! You sure can tell a story, in words and pictures. You should be a writer.

I had a great time this past weekend. Glad everyone was here to enjoy the bonfire and the grilled food.
The birthday suprises were really neat and I appericate them sooo much!

Your pics are great. I think your camera skills have come a long way!

I was fun out taking the fall shots, hope we get to do more of it sometime.

mamasan said...

I came back to look at the photos again. Thanks for taking the time to document this special weekend like this. I know it takes time to do so. Rarely do we get to see high tech, family, and nature side by side...
really good post. :-)

I love the photo of the leaves up close. :-)