Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tennessee State Fair

Friday after work I drove to Nashville and stayed a couple of days at my parents' house. The purpose? I wanted to go to the Tennessee State Fair (I'd never been before!) and drag them along with me. :-) Dad and I both took the monster cameras with us and took tons of photos. I love these of the animals, and especially liked seeing the kids showing them- it just seems like such a wholesome thing for them to do.

Hmmmm, that last guy looks a little like Rod Stewart, dontcha think?

There were some cool agricultural exhibits as well, like this ginormous pumpkin...

Then, while we were waiting for it to get dark so we could take night photos on the midway, I spied a bungee bounce. I had never tried one and wanted to, so off I went. Dad got some great photos, including this one of me in mid-flip.

Then we got some awesome shots of the midway at night. Mom and Dad are each in these shots somewhere. :-)

We had so much fun and were soooo exhausted at the end. I'm so glad they were able to go with me!


gardenmamasan said...

It really was a lot of fun! I'm so glad you invited us. So very kind of you to gift us with admission and treats, as well. :-)

Your photos are just awesome!

Jon Stinson said...

too bad the sheep were sheared (at least it looked like they were) they are funny looking when they have all that wool

and what's up with the rod stewart look-a-like? He's cool looking, but with all that does he see to get around?

homebase322 said...
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homebase322 said...

It was fun being there with you! You have some great shots of the day.
It was sweet of you to have us along, thanks.

The night shots were the most fun I think.

J, the sheep were sheared but I think they had a contest ealrier for the shearing 'cause there was wool everywhere on the floor in the building.