Saturday, September 13, 2008


Allow me to introduce you to my iPod...this is Zaphod Beeblebrox, and I've had him for three and a half years. He's gone everywhere with me- Boston, Colorado, Tucson, and Pearlington, MS (and I always have to scrape paint and dig drywall dust out of him when I get back- in fact, there is still green paint on my headphones from last time I was there). He's driven to Florida with me a couple of times, and allowed me to listen to all of 1776 unabridged along the way (fascinating book- I highly recommend it). He goes to the gym with me every day and drives with me to work every day so I can listen to podcasts and audio books. I have taken him apart and replaced his battery and upgraded the hard drive from 4GB to 8GB. I love him dearly.

He now has some younger, flashier siblings. They come in every color in the rainbow and have color screens and play video. They're very pretty and thin and light, but I don't want one of these. They are lovely to look at, though.

I just love this ad from Apple- the paint dripping down from them looks cool. But, nope, still don't want one.

I do, however, think I want one of these- not as a replacement for Zaphod, but to use in different situations. I have a great pair of speakers that dock to the Mini, and I tote them and Zaphod all over the house when I'm cleaning or doing laundry so I can listen.

This new guy, though, has a 120GB hard drive, giving it the ability to hold my entire audio collection in its tiny little interior. That includes all of my Star Wars audio books- I like the idea of having all of those accessible in the same spot.

I waffled between the black and the silver one, but I think I want the silver one. I can go nuts with the rub-ons like I did with my Guitar Hero controller.

All that having been said, I have no plans any time soon to buy one. It's just nice to dream. :)

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gardenmamasan said...

I have a cousin to Zaphod...I love mine dearly, too. :-) It was gifted to me by my very dear peeps. :-)

The new one is VERY nice. The silver would be easier to keep clean looking. :-)