Friday, September 12, 2008

Finally back from Colorado...and more pages

I'm finally back in from Colorado. I was supposed to be there through September 5, but as I was leaving work that day I was asked to stay for another week, so I flew home on September 11. I spent the intervening time locked in a lab getting a demo ready to ship out. Oh, and no kidding, the guy next to me in the lab was at one point referencing the book Fundamentals of Astrodynamics and Applications.

That, coupled with the fact that it was already far too late in the evening to still be at work (Wednesday night we left just before midnight) made for a very surreal moment.

I did get a couple more pages done last Sunday, which I actually had off (we worked on Saturday past 8pm). These are from my TKD days years ago, back when I still had knees that would let me kick things for hours on end. Oh, and knees that would let me drive cars that require clutches- that's really painful to do now.

But, I digress. These are photos of a demo that we did on Redstone Arsenal for one of their family events. I still want to add the tenets of taekwondo along the top of the red border of the right hand page of this first layout, but I didn't have the rub-ons with me in Colorado. I'll get to it sometime this weekend.

I'm so excited- this weekend I'm going to visit my parents and go to the Tennessee State Fair! I've never been to a state or county fair before.

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gardenmamasan said...

Those are seriously cool pages! Really fun to look at.

I think Astaxanthin would really help those's good for a lot of other things as well...just a thought. :-)