Thursday, August 21, 2008

My dream job DOES exist!!

I couldn't believe it when I read this- I couldn't believe that this job actually exists. I don't remember who I was talking to- I think it was at work- but I remember saying that a job helping edit Star Wars novels and keeping track of the continuity would be the perfect thing for me. I've read pretty much all of them (most of them twice, several of them more than that), and know far more about that universe than I probably should.

Leland Chee of Lucasfilm is the incredibly lucky guy who actually has this job...and he uses a Mac to do it. I think I'm feeling instead of me babbling on, I'll give you a couple of excerpts from the article...

To Star Wars fans, Chee is the Keeper of the Holocron, arguably the leading expert on everything that happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. His official title is continuity database administrator for the Lucas Licensing arm of Lucasfilm—which means Chee keeps meticulous track of not just the six live-action movies but also cartoons, TV specials, scores of videogames and reference books, and hundreds of novels and comics.

So Chee spends three-quarters of his typical workday consulting or updating the Holocron. He also approves packaging designs, scans novels for errors, and creates Talmudic charts and documents addressing such issues as which Jedi were still alive during the Clone Wars and how long it takes a spaceship to get from Dagobah, where Yoda trained Luke Skywalker, to Luke's homeworld of Tatooine. The Keeper of the Holocron takes this very seriously: "Someone has to be able to say, 'Luke Skywalker would not have that color of lightsaber.'"

Here's a link to the entire Wired Magazine article about this guy and his amazingly cool job.

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gardenmamasan said...

I can see you happily doing this. :-)

Maybe you should send in your resume in case he might need an assistant someday!