Saturday, July 19, 2008

Once Upon a Scrapbook Crop

I went to a crop at the local scrapbook store in Huntsville- Once Upon A Scrapbook- for the first time in a very long time last night. We had a great group of 8 scrappers there, and I was able to complete 14 pages! Some of these aren't my best work, but sometimes it's just good to get them done. Usually when I go back and look at them later, I like them better than when I made them.

I finally finished last year's Christmas photos!! Now that I crop and resize my photos and choose a sketch before they're printed, I shouldn't have such a struggle with big batches of photos like these any more. As long as Becky Fleck keeps those PageMaps coming!!

Speaking of backlogs of photos, I'm caught up on photos of the cats, too. One lady last night saw me scrapping pics of Griffin and said I must not have kids to be scrapping photos of the cats. She's so right. :-)

And I got started on some photos from the Denver Botanic Gardens last fall. I had *just* bought the 18-200 VR and was (okay, still am) totally obsessed with it. This was the same day I went to the Denver Zoo (yet another backlog of photos).

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