Thursday, July 31, 2008

Making Cards

I've been on a card-making tear lately. Which means I've made a total of 4...I started making them last weekend and enjoyed the almost instant gratification- most of them come together in just 15-20 minutes.

This one I totally lifted from Melissa Phillips' blog post. I loved the little flowers made of circles. She used a die, but I just free-cut mine (so they're wobbly circles). I need to get some Nestabilities at some point, I guess, because I don't want a bunch of circle punches. They take up too much room.

Last week my dear great-grandmother passed away, and after the funeral we went through her apartment a little to help start cleaning it out. I was amazed at the stacks and stacks of greeting cards that she'd kept from over the years. I have them now in two large bags in my scrap room and will be putting them into a book (as soon as I get the card stock drilled for a 3-ring binder). They were important enough for her to keep, and I think I must get some of that desire to keep stuff from her. :)

Seeing all the cards has made me want to send more out to the important people in my life, so I'm going to continue this card-making stint for a long time (it's a great way to use up scraps left over from my pages, too) and start sending out a couple a week to various people in my family. Yes, Mom and Dad, this includes you, too. :)

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gardenmamasan said...

What a beautiful idea. You will touch many. :-)

I love your beginning efforts. The wobbly circles is my favorite. I don't think it would be as pretty with perfect circles. And the paper is just awesome.

All are very pretty. :-)