Monday, June 23, 2008

No Less Than 25 Challenge

If you haven't noticed so far from reading my blog, I am a shopaholic of the worst sort. I'm not irresponsible with it- I make sure I put plenty of money in savings, tithe to my church, and pay all my bills before buying the toys. So maybe I'm not the *worst* sort. I like finding good deals on things, researching, and making sure I get the most for my money.

Most of the time it's all fine, except in the case of my scrapbooking stuff. I have a pretty big scrap room, and it's pretty full right now! I have more stuff than I could possibly use, but I keep buying more because it's so pretty. I've tried no shopping challenges before- those usually had time limits. This time I'm trying something different. I've joined the No Less Than 25 Challenge on This time, I'm supposed to set a number of pages that I'll complete before buying anything new. Adhesive and photo developing are allowed. I don't think I'll need any adhesive since I'm pretty well stocked on ATG. I'll probably get some photos printed soon, but that will be all the scrap spending for a while. I'm really curious to see if at the end of 50 layouts if I've even made a dent in the stash. I'm guessing that I won't.

Besides, I can always use the money for something Rock Band for Wii- just out yesterday!


gardenmamasan said...

Rather a scrappy shop-aholic than another sort. :-) And you share.
And you work hard for your money...:-)

Good luck with your quest. :-)

If you find that you just can't stand the pressure, I'll come up with something really cool you can get me! Really, it will be no trouble at all. I am very self-sacrificing in that way. Big Smile. Really big.

homebase322 said...

One should always splurge on ones self from time to time.... how many pages to go until the spending can commence?

gardenmamasan said...

Said with much kindness and sincerity-I would suggest to the second poster that he follow his own advice sometime. :-)