Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My new water bauble

So yesterday I gave in and bought a trendy, eco-friendly water bottle. I am not a "green" person, so the eco-friendly part isn't really why I bought it. I fly a lot and go through a lot of airports, and I'm getting really tired of paying $2.50 a bottle for bottled water when I can't carry my own through security any more. My Nalgene/Lexan bottles always made my water taste like plastic, so I'm now the proud owner of a SIGG aluminum water bottle that I can refill from drinking fountains to my heart's content. And, before you start worrying about the aluminum content, this bottle has a baked-on water-based enamel coating on the interior that is 100% food safe and non-leaching.

And it comes in cool colors, too...just like my iPod. :-)

I tried to buy one at the SIGG online store, but they've had such huge demand that they sold out! So I found mine locally at Mountain High Outfitters. And while there I saw that they're having a beginner's rock climbing class in July...hmm...

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gardenmamasan said...

This is answer to an actual prayer Lis. :-) I spent most of one day last week pondering how I could gently encourage my children to give up plastic bottles. Especially the number 7 ones. I sent an email a while back encouraging against using so much plastic, too. I am so glad to see your latest pretty!

If you can taste plastic, you are probably ingesting plastic or at least some of the associated chemicals. The risk increases when you leave your water inside a hot car and then consume it. Some people store their water in hot garages or out buildings. That is such a dangerous practice. Our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan drink both water and diet soft drinks that have sat for long times in the sun, both in plastic and in cans. Diet sugars go rancid quickly, especially in heat. It chills me to think that is all they have to consume.

I hope to slowly earn the title of a greeny. I think it shows a reverence for our bodies and our earth.

Good going Lis! I'll take whatever reason moved you to make this sweet purchase. It is exactly the type of bottle I was praying that you change to. (very big smile)