Friday, June 13, 2008

Mom, Dad...I promise it wasn't my margarita!!

Yesterday my software team finished the first of two demos (the second is in three weeks) and decided to celebrate with lunch at The Loop in Manitou Springs. It all started with an interesting conversation as we were walking down to the parking lot from the office...

Vanessa: Hey, Melissa, are you going to drink?
Me: Um, no.
Vanessa: Oh, good. Then I'm going to ride with you so I can have a margarita.

Let the blasting of and singing along to Evanescence commence...

I took my camera in to the restaurant so we could get a group photo. It ended up coming out waaaaaay before that with another interesting conversation...

Vanessa: Hey, Melissa, take a picture of me with my margarita!
Me: Okay.
Vanessa: Now let me take a picture of you... Now take a picture of me and Dave looking mean!

So now I have my camera out, and there sits this beautiful blue rimmed glass, with the lovely little lime slice swimming happily amongst the ice cubes. Oh, of COURSE I had to get a shot of it (proving that the 18-200 VR is as good at close-ups as it is at portraits and landscapes...I do love that lens).

Then we shuffled Travis across the street because Dave and Vanessa though this shop would be the perfect backdrop for a photo of him.

Then we actually took the group photos before heading back to the office. I took this one and then edited it to make it look all vintage-y (okay, I'm a little obsessed with the funky angles right now, I know). Vanessa took the one under it so I could be in one of the pictures.


gardenmamasan said...

Oh, that was a fun little ride! Thanks for sharing your outing. I love the photos! Congrats on your work progress. :-)

gardenmamasan said...

Meant to add that the glass photo is truly special!

Darren said...

That's a great picture of you. Good perspective control on the margarita glass, too. Makes the lime and ice stand out well.