Friday, June 13, 2008

MacBook MacBook MacBook MacBook

I'm so excited, my new (black) MacBook is in (it was delivered Wednesday)! Of course, it's in at home and I'm still out in Colorado Springs. But, I get back on Saturday- just in time to play with it for a little bit and then take it to Mom and Dad's house for a few days while I take some time off work.

I've had an Apple computer since I bought my iMac in August of 2006. Since then, I've acquired a used PowerBook from a coworker (I got it soooo cheap) and totally ditched my PC. I love the PowerBook, but I wanted something smaller since I still have to travel with my work laptop (a very tiny Lenovo TabletPC) and don't relish lugging around the heavy PowerBook just because I also want to have an Apple with me. I looked at a MacBook Air, but it was less computer for a premium price because of the form factor. I went for a regular MacBook instead, which is not much bigger though it weighs a couple pounds more. I think it will fit into my camera case, which is what I'm after. Now I can spend the evenings in the hotel playing with Photoshop instead of flipping channels.

I'm looking forward to trying out the new Leopard OS. And, it has a built in iSight webcam, so, hey, Dad, we can video chat when I'm on travel now!!!

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gardenmamasan said...

Oh, good for you Lis! Whatcha going to name this one?