Sunday, June 22, 2008

Layout Roundup...from Colorado

I had to travel for work...again!! This trip was unexpected and threw my schedule off big time. So, I'm a little late posting these layouts from scrapping at Archivers the *last* time I was out here. I have to work nights this trip, so unfortunately I won't be able to go to the crop this Friday. I'm planning on going to use the crop room some mornings/afternoons before work this week, so hopefully I'll get some work done then.

Please excuse the close-ups. I've been playing with a 50mm f/1.8 prime this week. I think I need a new lens (or three) since I started exploring primes.

Christmas 2007:

This is me opening DDR, which was placed in a HUGE box with ammo cans to throw me off. I look totally stoned in this picture.

The cats just love getting into all the photos...

More photos of baby Griffin and his favorite toy as a kitten.

Pearlington November 2006. Like zoo photos, I think I'll be scrapping these for the rest of my life.

And speaking of the Denver zoo...


gardenmamasan said...

More yummies! How very kind of you to make that last one to match my new living room palette!! It will look so pretty framed, you are just too sweet!! :-)

Really gorgeous stuff, scrappy jedi

homebase322 said...

Awsome layouts! I don't see how you keep coming up with them.