Sunday, June 8, 2008

Helen Hunt Falls, a.k.a The Viper Club

I actually had today off work, so I headed off to Helen Hunt Falls in between rain showers. When I arrived, I was amazed to see not one but *six* Dodge Vipers in the parking lot. Of course, I couldn't help taking some photos.

At the bridge over the falls, I ran into the Viper Club. They were attempting to take a group photo with members trading off to take pictures with different cameras. I offered to take the entire group shot for them so they could all be in the photo and immediately was handed several cameras. :) Then I hiked my way up the trail by the falls.

I was slow on the way up because I was taking so many pictures, and I ran into the club again when they were on their way down. This time they asked if I wanted a photo of me at the falls, so here's one of the few photos I have of myself in Colorado Springs.


homebase322 said...

Looks like you has a really fun day! I know you loved seeing the Viper's (something you DON"T expect to see in the wild!) LOL It was very kind of you to offer to take pics of them and for them to take pics of you. At least you have some pics with you in them.
The pics are really good. You certainly have developed an eye for the composition.
Mom and I want to go there and see the falls and visit sometime. It seems to be a wonderful place.

Jon Stinson said...

but but, only 2 shots of the vipers??? they are rarer than the extinct dodo bird! :)