Saturday, June 7, 2008

Friday Night at Archivers

A week of working in Colorado Springs most always means a Friday night at Archivers. I know, I'm such a party animal...I spend my Friday nights playing with paper and photos and glue. :) I had a lovely group at my table- two high school teachers, one of whom is as in love with the show Eli Stone as I am. I finished 9 pages and should have enough supplies left from those that I packed to keep me busy next Friday night, as well.

Here are a couple I did of the cats- they're a little Griffin-heavy, but that's just because he was a baby when I took the photos.

And a few from Memorial Day of 2007, when we grilled out and had a shooting session in the back field. I'm sure the ladies at my table thought I was a little odd- they were scrapping pictures of their children/nieces/nephews, and I used photos of me wielding an AR-15.

And some more from the Denver Zoo. I still have waaay too many of these left to scrap. I want to get through them!

And, finally, some photos of me on the jet ski two summers ago. I got kinda random with the subjects I scrapbooked this time- I just kind of pulled out whatever photos I thought I wanted to use and put page kits together before I came out here. It was actually nice to change subjects pretty often.

That's all the layouts for this week. I'll have some more next week!

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