Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Confession: I now carry a diaper bag

Seriously, I do. And it's not because I have kids (or will ever be having kids). It's because I carry so much stuff, especially on travel.

I had this awesome Roxy purse for a while- a brown canvas thing with a cream screen print of that famous Japanese wave painting on it. But it only had the one big compartment and these two little pockets on the front that I couldn't ever dig anything out of because my hand didn't fit inside. I needed something with pockets...lots of pockets...because at any given time, here's a list of what I carry around:
  • iPod Mini (nicknamed Zaphod Beeblebrox)
  • Archos 404 video player
  • AT&T Tilt phone
  • Verizon Samsung Alias phone (I know, two phones...long story)
  • SIGG water bottle
  • Star Wars book of some sort
  • Wallet
  • Sunglasses, bluetooth thingy, and miscellaneous stuff
  • Sometimes my GPS, if I'm between rental cars
All that stuff just got jumbled together in the main compartment.

I ordered a new purse/diaper bag (I call it my gear bag, because I have an aversion to both purses and diaper bags, and before I started toting an iPod around I didn't carry either of them) from the same Etsy seller I purchased my camera case from. This thing has sooooo many pockets. Jackie was very cool and added two extra pockets and a main compartment divider for me, and everything has its own little cubby and fits perfectly now. My OCD side is pleased. :)

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homebase322 said...

Cool bag! Lots of room and very well made.
I need to get a backback for work.