Monday, May 19, 2008

New Camera Case

I ordered a custom camera case from a seller on Etsy ( and it arrived while I was out of town last week. I'm so thrilled with the results! I wanted something different- something that was definitely me. I think I found it...isn't this fabric gorgeous?!?!? Jackie did a great job- the quality is top notch.

It's got lots of lens pockets...for all those lenses that I *don't* have. I'm so lazy...I just take all my photos with the 18-200mm VR. I would like to get a good macro lens some time, though. In the meantime, these pockets are great for holding battery packs, chargers, and small furry animals. Err, eh, yeah.

Ummmm, I seriously have no idea how this got in there...really, I would never, ever read such...such good stuff. :-)

As you can see, the pockets are great for holding books, too. Like the D300's manual. Not that I ever need to actually *read* the manual. Ahem.

1 comment:

gardenmamasan said...

Prettiest camera bag ever. I did not know they came so pretty! :-)