Thursday, May 8, 2008

Catching up on some layouts

I made several layouts almost two weeks ago that I wanted to share here. I've got a new method of packing for crops now- I plan every page, choose a sketch, get just the papers and embellishments I need, and then layer that stack between pieces of cardstock in a 12x12 box (that holds lots of similar stacks). It's helped me take waaaaaay less stuff to crops and get more done. Not to mention that I'm using my idea books more now that I can go through all of them and choose a sketch at home instead of just flipping through whatever I happened to take to the crop with me.

These layouts are of my birthday party at my parents' house. Mom asked what kind of part I wanted, and I said immediately "Wii Bowling and pizza!" So it was a total Wii weekend. They gave me Guitar Hero (soooooo much fun!) and I got a couple of other Wii games (Smash Bros Brawl and Lego Star Wars) along with Harry Potter books. Yeah, these people know me pretty well :-)

This layout is of my great-grandmother. She loves little stuffed animals that sing and dance, and these are some photos of her with a Easter duck that Mom and Dad bought for her.

And lastly...gorgeous Colorado in the fall. I thought I'd scrapped all my fall photos from out there last year, but I came across these four that I'd printed and not yet done anything with. So beautiful...not to mention that it gave me a chance to use that gorgeous orange flower that I'd had hanging around for, like, ever!

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